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My name is Sarah and I am former high school English teacher turned freelance writer and career expert. Whether you're just curious about leaving teaching or about to turn in your notice, I'm here to help you consider your alternatives for what to do when teaching doesn't feel right anymore.

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Marthas RealStory - "Who says teachers can't have variety in our careers?"

Martha’s Real Story: “Who says we can’t have variety in our career?”

Please enjoy this Real Story guest post by Martha, a CPA turned Math teacher turned consultant! She brings a unique perspective to the blog because she was in the corporate world and decided to get into teaching… and then decided to go back to the corporate world.  Please describe your teaching experience and educational background. (What […]

Nicole's Real Story: "I loved teaching, but it didn't love my health."

Nicole of Simply Eve Fragrance’s Real Story: “I loved teaching, but it didn’t love my health.”

Please enjoy this Real Story guest post by Nicole, a former English teacher with a Master’s Degree in Social Policy who started her own fragrance and beauty supply business. And here’s your only warning: get some tissues, because her story is incredibly moving! The short version? Nicole left teaching for health reasons and now runs […]