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My name is Sarah and I am former high school English teacher turned freelance writer and career expert. Whether you're just curious about leaving teaching or about to turn in your notice, I'm here to help you consider your alternatives for what to do when teaching doesn't feel right anymore.

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Teacher Quits: Buck Passed to Me

Teacher Quits: I’m Tired of Getting the Buck Passed to Me

Please enjoy this Real Story guest post by Katie, an itinerant teacher serving children with hearing loss.  Everyone has heard the term “pass the buck”. Everyone has a pretty good idea as to what it means. And forgive me for using a quote from to Wikipedia, but the definition hits home for teachers: “The act […]

50 Jobs for Former Teachers -- The Ultimate Link Line-Up -- Empower your job hunt with in-depth, expert career advice!

50+ Exciting Jobs for Former Teachers (The Ultimate Link Line-Up)

You worked your butt off to get into the classroom and educate the next generation. So what do you do when it doesn’t work out? No matter why you decided to leave teaching, don’t let the unknown scare you. There are tons of jobs for former teachers out there. You just need to get creative about how […]